How to get listed

Please send us mail with the following information. Each of these are optional, but if we don't get enough information to fairly assess you we won't list you. (See also our legend for more detailed explanation of each entry.)

Item Information Maximum length (characters)
1 Long name of your organization


2 Short name of your organization 24
3 URL (web address) of your organization any
4 Name of your program 24
5 URL of your program (if you don't have a page dedicated to your program, we can provide a page for it - see below.) any
6 Do you offer online shopping? Y/N
7 Area of concern 36
8 Are you a nonprofit organization? If based in US: What is your IRS code? short
9 Percentage of total expenses to program services. (Please provide official source) 2
10 URL of your profile on a government website such as Washington Database any
11 URL of your profile on Charity Navigator any
12 Kind of gift 12
13 Style 1
14 From $ 4
15 Contact person name 18
16 Contact phone 18
17 Contact email 18
18 Location 18
19 ZIP 5
20 Any other notes 16
21 Do you need a special dedicated page for your program? (You only need this if you don't have your own web page. Example: Iraq Card Project) Y/N

Contact information

The following is mainly for our own reference; but if we host your program page, we can put some of this there.

Contact person name
Contact phone
Contact email
Contact in WA, if different from above
Contact phone in WA, if different from above
Contact email in WA, if different from above

Please ask us if you have any question, we're happy to help.

Project page

If you answered question 21 with Yes, please fill out the following as well:

Information Maximum length (characters)
What your customer gets






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